I want to sell ​​you my vehicle! How does it work?

Touteslesmarques.ca is not only the online used-vehicle dealership of choice, it's also the one that sells your vehicle and gives you the right market value. Thanks to its impressive pool of certified pre-owned vehicles, Touteslesmarques.ca ranks first in Quebec.

We can thus offer you a loan credit of 15% tax * when you buy a vehicle from one of the Ami Junior Group dealers!

We offer you a FREE consultation service with no obligation!

STEP 1: Fill out the evaluation form for your vehicle

STEP 2: Respond to a call from a representative who will give you the fair price for your vehicle according to the information provided

STEP 3: Bring your vehicle to the dealership, and finalize the sale!

Touteslesmarques.ca sells and buys used vehicles from all the car manufacturers in the world, and offers you all vehicle segments: sedans, sports sedans, convertibles, SUVs, pickup trucks and full-size trucks.