Check Availability

Toutes Les is constantly striving to provide you with a friendly and outstanding customer experience. As you browse our site, you will notice the impressive number of makes, models and versions of used vehicles available to you.

Since you are spoiled for choice, it’s also important to check the availability of the vehicle you have found. Our advisers are on the other end of the phone to answer all your questions, starting with the availability of your vehicle.

By reserving a road test or simply asking to keep the vehicle of your dreams, whether you want to go on-site or ask us to come to your home to test-drive it, you guarantee your place and the vehicle you want so badly.

Since used vehicles move around a lot and sales are high these days, it’s easy to ask if the vehicle is still available. If it is, it is possible to hold it for you for 24 or 48 hours, the time it takes to organize the rest of the purchase process.

Toutes Les is committed to answering your requests as quickly as possible and to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Take the time to ask us all your questions; our advisers are there for you. Toutes Les, the dealership that does things in the right order.