A Caring and Courteous Service

At Touteslesmarques.ca and L'Ami Junior you benefit from attentive and courteous after-sales service. Our experienced technicians know motor vehicles inside and out. They quickly spot what needs to be done and do it promptly with equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Touteslesmarques.ca and L'Ami Junior have a reputation for doing things quickly and well. With a dedicated team, your vehicle will be in good hands and our technicians will be able to make the right diagnosis, inform you of the work that needs to be done and advise you on how to keep your vehicle for a long time.

The quality of our service also relies on the warm welcome you will receive, the small attention that awaits you at our dealership, as well as a complete report on the maintenance and repairs done. Our technicians won't hesitate to give you recommendations.

Touteslesmarques.ca and L'Ami Junior do everything possible to get your vehicle back on track and enable it to easily travel the roads of Quebec. Come and take advantage of the combined expertise of a team of qualified technicians and leave with peace of mind; we take care of everything on site!