Where do we start when we want to buy a used vehicle

Buying a vehicle is never easy. This is even more true when we turn to used vehicles. Buying a used car or even a used SUV is complex, so in addition to having many choices, we have to take the time to make sure that the vehicle we are buying is in good condition.

Here are some tips to help you buy a used vehicle

Determine your budget

The first step is by far the most important. It is important to determine how much budget we want to allocate for our used car. If we pay all of a sudden, obviously we need to set a maximum amount that will allow us to reduce the number of vehicles we can afford.

If we expect to have financing, we need to establish a monthly budget for the car, and also calculate additional amounts associated with gasoline and insurance, as well as an additional amount for repairs and maintenance, as well as tires.

Determine your needs

What type of used vehicle do you want? A sedan? A van? A minivan? A convertible? This decision will ultimately be based on your personal and family needs. What matters is having a good idea of the type of used vehicle you want as this will allow you to better target your purchasing criteria. As noted earlier, there are so many options available to you in the used car market, and if we want to make our research easier, we need a place to start. Having a budget in place and a type of vehicle in place will make it easier.


You have to make sure that the vehicle you plan to buy is in good condition. This means that the appropriate checks will have to be made. If the used vehicle in question does not already come with an inspection report, it should be inspected. Obtaining a report like CarProof is also recommended.

Protect yourself

It is wise to know before purchase how long you plan to keep the used vehicle in question. If it's still under warranty, do you plan to keep it long after the warranty end date? If so, an extended warranty could be of interest. See at the dealership what products are available to you in terms of protection and insurance. This will allow you to determine if any of these products will be of interest to you! 

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Posted on Nov 10, 2020