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It is not enough to develop an original formula for selling used vehicles online; it is also necessary to know how to combine consumer interest and brands of motor vehicles.

Toutes Les has a huge inventory of used vehicles with different brands, each one more popular than the other. The most reliable and durable brands can be found on the platform of the largest online used vehicle dealership in Quebec and Canada. 

Your Next Vehicles Are at Toutes Les! 

E-Commerce in the motor trade is becoming a new daily reality in Quebec. Essentially initiated by Toutes Les, this type of business attracts more and more online followers.

Indeed, if the customer is able to find photos, videos and lots of content on the vehicle and its benefits, they will be more inclined to buy online. This conclusion came from a study conducted by MotorK based on consumers’ online relationship with car dealerships.

Even more interesting, social networks also represent uncharted territory. According to Facebook, the car community is one of its most active and it’s also one of the biggest on Instagram. In January 2020, 56.9 million people posted content on Instagram using the hashtag “#car”. 

In addition, car manufacturers, dealers and players in the automotive industry interact with these enthusiastic users who share their passion via feeds, stories and videos. Photos and videos have become an essential motivator in generating interest and are a proven influence in choosing and purchasing a vehicle; at least just as much as the extensive online content. Besides, the more quality content that E-Commerce dealerships add, the better their sales channel will be.

Toutes Les quickly understood this passion for the purchase of used vehicles. You can get your hands on a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, GMC, but also BMW, Acura, Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Not to mention the Volkswagen, RAM, Subaru and many others… 

The family cars, passenger vans, pick-up trucks (extended cab, crew cab), SUVs, two-door coupes or four-door sedans; you’ll be spoiled for choice. Toutes Les has the pre-owned vehicle you need according to your budget. 

In addition, all our vehicles come directly from a thorough inspection and they are certified. Our service teams work hard and care for even the smallest details to ensure that all of our vehicles receive the seal of quality and reliability

Toutes Les gives you a complete car history report on the vehicle of your dreams and connects you with experienced advisors. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions, to consult our site and to read our blogs on current subjects. 

A pioneer in its field, in the space of a few months, Toutes Les has become a true leader in E-Commerce. Moreover, the online trade of used vehicles is not only establishing itself strongly in Quebec, Canada, but also elsewhere in the world. As we can see, dealers are making an effort to secure their market share. 

Toutes Les is the first online dealer of used cars and trucks for sale in Quebec. It excels in its field through the quality of its relationships with customers, technological innovations, but also its incredible low prices

Toutes Les has a large inventory of used vehicles and casts a wide net by showing you the most reliable brands of vehicles on the market. It doesn’t just sell certified pre-owned vehicles; it provides you with the best possible service

Your Next Used Vehicle Is Waiting for You! 

The people waiting for you on Toutes Les are passionate about pre-owned cars, SUVs, vans and trucks. As the car experts in Chicoutimi, as well as surrounding areas, Toutes Les is the best initiative when it comes to online motor trading in Canada. 

With a large collection of used vehicles, you will benefit from the wide range of choices, the best prices in Quebec and financing solutions clearly designed for your budget. Toutes Les is one step ahead of the competition because it shows a particular enthusiasm for the customer. You will surely find the vehicle of your dreams in addition to benefiting from all the assistance you need.

Toutes Les is committed to finding you the used vehicle of your dreams as well as buying your current vehicle at a very good price. Come and discover us online now!

image of the physical inventory of used vehicles at Toutes les marques

Posted on Oct 28, 2020