Used Vehicle: Choosing Your Used SUV Carefully

Updated May 25 2022

We often get excited about the idea of buying a new vehicle. Buying a used SUV is a major expense and we want to do it right. What used car to buy in 2022? This blog is all about giving you a few useful tips to think about before you embark headfirst on the purchase of your next SUV.

Between the budget and costs, your needs, the quality of the car and the different questions to ask yourself, we review the criteria to consider in order to make the right choice of used car for sale.

What you need to know!

1. Determine your budget and your needs

First of all, in addition to determining your budget, you need to determine your needs.

  • Number of passengers: do you need space for 5 occupants or 7 or more?
  • Cargo space: how much cargo space do you need in the trunk or with the rear seats folded down?
  • Towing capacity: Is towing capacity a factor that will tip the balance?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll know whether you need a full-size, mid-size, compact or subcompact SUV. All car brands have their strengths; it’s up to you to determine which brand and model meets your priorities.

2. Questions to ask

Then there are other factors that come into play when buying a used SUV. There are certain questions that should be asked to the used car dealer.

Here are some examples:

  • What is the general condition of the used vehicle?
  • How many miles has it traveled in its lifetime?
  • Do you have its history?
  • Is the used vehicle still under warranty?
  • What is its price?
  • Are there any advantageous financing solutions available?
  • What are the current interest rates?

All these questions are relevant before signing a purchase agreement. You have the right to demand answers to these questions.

3. Listen to the salesperson’s advice

An experienced advisor will take the time to listen to you, establish your needs with you, present the various options available to you, and guide you in your final choice. Don’t necessarily start with a preconceived idea. Also, listen to the salesperson’s advice and think twice before making the final choice.

4. Consider all costs

As your family grows, your old Toyota Corolla may no longer be the solution for you. Instead, you may want to consider a compact or mid-size SUV that will provide more room for the kids and your luggage. The choices available to you may be numerous, so you’ll have to consider your ability to pay, the utility you’ll make of it and the needs to be met. In addition, you will need to know about 

  • Insurance premiums
  • Vehicle maintenance costs
  • The average length of its second life

5. Is the vehicle inspected and certified?

When the used car dealer is able to offer you a certified and inspected product, it is already a step in the right direction. It also means that they care about their vehicles and want to offer you quality products.

Today’s automakers are very detail-oriented and precise, so used vehicles are durable and reliable. Finally, if the dealer is able to provide you with proof of the vehicle’s history and previous maintenance, it’s an additional sign of trust between you and the seller.

After all that, of course, you’ll need to test drive the car. According to Carfax:

“A 30-minute test drive is essential to evaluate how the car performs in a realistic setting.”

This will help you determine if the handling, comfort and technology are right for you and find the best used SUV for you.

In short, you’ll determine which SUV is right for you by asking the right questions, talking to your dealer, and clearly establishing your needs.

For your next pre-owned SUV, visit, your online dealership and in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte-Nord and Charlevoix regions. Contact one of our representatives today and leave with the used SUV you need for sale.

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