BLOG and L’Ami Autocrédit: now in Alma!

Just seven years after being the first to inaugurate a 100% regional used vehicle dealership in Chicoutimi, the dynamic team of is back on the scene. She thus becomes the first to inaugurate a second concession of its kind, this time in the city of hospitality Alma. And since all good news rarely arrives on its own, the entity is set up simultaneously with L’Ami Autocredit, at 1480 avenue du Pont Sud.

"We are extremely happy to set up here", 
mentions Louis Landry, director of the two companies, 

"It is a legitimate pride to establish ourselves in the community of Jeannoise with a market which was underdeveloped before our arrival", 
he underlines.

Louis Landry is solidly supported by sales director Michael Renaud. Both are well known in the industry and have been for many years.

"It really meets a need,"
adds the Marketing Director of Groupe L’ami junior, Véronique Savard. 

“By settling here in Alma, we suddenly get closer to our customers, providing more services, 
and being able to serve them better where they are. 
Currently, even during the “pre-opening” period, we are still operational. 
Through our two companies, we are responding to the very high demand for used vehicles in the market
and at the same time we are giving the consumer the opportunity to benefit from a second chance in car credit. "

With its large choice of inventory, Toutes les remains a 100% regional company, positioning itself as a leader in used vehicles in the region. Because he remains the specialist in the sale and purchase of used vehicles. In stock: an impressive number of models from different car manufacturers. In addition, if you have a used vehicle that you wish to sell, you can request an evaluation of it at Toutes les Be aware that there is no obligation to purchase on your part if your used vehicle is purchased. By doing business with Toutes les, buying or selling your vehicle will be worry-free, we promise!

After having established its home in Saguenay last July, L’Ami Autocredit has now established itself in Alma. It is also a 100% regional auto credit repair company. "It's sad to say, but here too it meets a growing need for this type of service that we offer," clarifies Véronique Savard. “Over 35% of people are currently experiencing credit problems and many people in their lives will experience financial difficulties. It can affect everyone, no one is immune, and unfortunately the phenomenon tends to increase. L'Ami Autocredit offers a tailor-made credit repair plan, according to the client's file. Everyone has the right to benefit from the service and above all: everyone has the right to leave with a reliable and safe vehicle ”. Separation? Disease? Bankruptcy or consolidation? “The person who comes to us has a right to respect. Our team is reliable, understanding and above all human, ”explains Ms. Savard. "And like Toutes les, by doing business with L’Ami Autocredit, you are supporting a lending company that is also 100% regional. We are proud to be pioneers in the field by offering 100% local service ".

Regarding the demand for a customer recovery, Internet users have access to a mobile site, ideal for the smart phone, tablet or other. Customers can therefore make a simple and quick request by mobile at or by making an appointment with a specialist at (418) 615-2121. “The mobile site service is new and already very effective. Our credit specialists will answer you confidentially as quickly as possible, while allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home, ”adds Véronique Savard. "But whether it's through the site or by phone, with L’Ami Autocredit, you can be sure that the people who will answer you are not the latest comers in the matter. They are competent, human and very understanding when faced with any situation of financial difficulty ”. Rates? L'Ami Autocredit remains the only one able to obtain you preferential interest rates from 1.55%. Don't hold back from buying a vehicle because of your bad credit. L'Ami Autocredit has a tailor-made credit plan, depending on your file. And his team has the ability to turn your bad credit into good credit.

Director Louis Landry takes the opportunity to personally invite the public to meet them and his team. “Come see our new facilities. But above all: come and see us! We are proud to be a competent team, to be able to perform well as new players of caliber in the automotive world ”.

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

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