Subito Assurances, Partner of!

Subito Assurances, Partner of! Some matches add value and new dimensions to existing service offerings. When an insurance company decides to join a group that is already solidly in place, not only does it allow this group to benefit from added value, but it also gives more weight to the dealership and meets the needs of the customers.

Subito Assurances has become a business partner at, the virtual used cars showcase that now allows customers from Quebec and elsewhere to purchase used vehicles in the comfort of their living room. Consumer habits are changing, and the health crisis has accelerated the movement of online purchases, including automobiles. This new reality is pushing business people to find new ways to reach customers.

When Car Insurance and Car Dealerships Go Hand in Hand!

Its name says a lot about the speed and efficiency of Subito Assurances. For car or home insurance, Subito Assurances has what you need. 

As an online insurance company, it knows how to save you big with its instant discounts. By combining your car and home insurance, you will save even more. Subito Assurances also offers discounts on hybrid and electric vehicles as well as to its loyal customers. By subscribing to an insurance policy, you will benefit from a premium freeze, which will allow you to sleep soundly.

Subito Assurances will quickly provide you with proof of insurance coverage and will offer you significant discounts. Never before has it been so easy to purchase a policy and save so much.

For your automobile and home needs, Subito Assurances is your best gateway. Know that Subito Assurances insures you at the same time you finalize the purchase or lease of your new vehicle. This service, exclusive to L’Ami Junior and, shows how much we want to accompany our clients when they come to us. From now on, it will be possible for you to purchase your used vehicle at in addition to taking out an auto insurance policy at the same location. 

This is made possible thanks to the initiative, which offers the full range of services leading to the delivery of your vehicle. For example, when you purchase a vehicle, you need to contact your insurer to get the necessary coverage immediately. This process occupies your minds and you must ensure that you have all the documents in your possession at the time of delivery of your vehicle.

With and Subito Assurances, the process is greatly simplified. You choose the vehicle of your dreams and reserve it. You request that your vehicle be insured onsite and we take care of completing the paperwork for you and issuing your insurance policy, which will already be in effect when you take possession of your vehicle.

It has never been easier to get your hands on the vehicle of your dreams and leave with peace of mind. Subito Assurances guarantees you a courteous and efficient after-sales service and offers you premiums very competitive on the market. You will benefit from all the advantages and your vehicle will be insured for the next year.

Taking it one step further: with Subito Assurances, you will get complete auto insurance coverage tailored to your needs, with no paperwork and without having to talk to an agent for hours. From the purchase of your car insurance to the claim, all services are guaranteed, and the response time is excellent.

All in all, this partnership with shows just how much consumers’ needs are changing. keeps a close eye on market trends and relies on such combinations to satisfy its customers. 

 Today, you are just a few clicks away from saving big money and living better! When Progress Rhymes with Success!

Your virtual dealership has a vast inventory of used vehicles. If you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, minivan or truck, you can rest assured that offers you the best on the market, since all its vehicles have been inspected and are certified. knows the needs of its customers and offers you the opportunity to shop for your next pre-owned vehicle in the comfort of your home. Come and speak with one of our representatives today and have your next vehicle delivered straight to your home; already insured above all! is your online dealer par excellence in Quebec and elsewhere!

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Posted on Sep 30, 2020

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