Sedans and hatchbacks are just as popular!

More and more, vehicle sales are overwhelmingly in favour of SUVs. Sedans and hatchbacks are getting rarer and rarer on our streets. Yet, these types of cars provide multiple benefits that SUVs simply cannot match.

Discover why the sedan and the hatchback are still one of the most popular choices among performance fans and those looking for a better driving experience. Additionally, learn more about the advantages of shopping for a pre-owned sedan while considering cars for sale.

You’re Closer to the Road in a Sedan

Generally speaking, sedans and hatchbacks are closer to the road than SUVs. It’s an idea easily explainable by the fact that SUVs are built to stand much higher.

This additional height might have a few benefits when it comes to off-road driving, but for the urban driver, the sedan is the one that’s more advantageous. Indeed, the sedan’s reduced size provides it with many benefits when it comes to the urban environment, such as:

  • A feeling of increased safety during turns
  • A more direct connection to the road
  • Easier access while embarking
  • An easier time parking in smaller areas
  • And so much more!

In short, if you don’t expect to go off-road and hit up the trails, the sedan is more than an excellent choice. Besides, its reduced size also enables a more flexible suspension, something you’ll easily notice if you spend any extended period inside your vehicle.

Additionally, since it’s a general benefit of the class, you can fully take advantage of it while going for a used car, which will allow you to save a lot on the price of your vehicle.

Cars Provide Better Performance Ratings

Even at identical engine power, the sedan offers better performances than the SUV. This is linked to each vehicle’s structure and build. First, the car’s lower height reduces its drag coefficient. Additionally, sedans and hatchbacks are most of the time lighter than SUVs.

These two design considerations bring multiple advantages when it comes to performance, like:

  • A better acceleration and top speed
  • A better handling on the road
  • A lower fuel consumption, etc.

If you’re a fan of high speeds and top performances, a recent pre-owned car will be your best choice to save money while getting a vehicle you’ll like. SUVs, even though they are often more powerful to compensate for their increased weight, can never truly match a sedan when it comes to driving experience.

The lower fuel consumption is also perfectly in tune with the money you’ll save by buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Cabins That are more Comfortable

The sedan profits greatly from the fact that it has been in production for years. Car manufacturers have spent decades tuning every single aspect. This translates, among other things, by cabins that are more welcoming than in SUVs.

For instance, it’s not uncommon that the additional cargo space in an SUV encroaches more than it should on the rear passengers’ space. Often, it’s easier to find 5 comfortable seats inside a sedan than it is in a two-row SUV.

If you’ll think you’ll need the extra space to bring along a couple passengers, the sedan could be the better choice. Think about it while you’re shopping around for your next new or used vehicle.

Find All the Best Used Sedans and Hatchbacks!

What are the most reliable used cars? There are a lot of possible answers to this question. Indeed, a well-maintained used vehicle is just as reliable as a new one. As such, it’s important to shop for used cars at a trustworthy reseller.

A lot of brands are known for being extremely reliable, a fact which makes them an excellent choice when it comes to buying them used. We often hear good things about:

  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Honda

Luckily, your dealerships have in stock a wide variety of makes and models. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter the vehicle you’re thinking about right now.

Don’t hesitate a second more and come meet us today!, your dealerships in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area, on the Côte-Nord and in Charlevoix!

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Posted on Apr 24, 2023

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