buy a used vehicle

Why buy a used vehicle instead of a new vehicle

There aren't many statistics out there for the used car industry. Unlike new vehicles, it is difficult to know exactly how many used models have been sold in a given year, for example. It’s that the used vehicle segment is huge, and the transaction volume is high.

The advantages of buying a used vehicle

This is explained by the fact that there are several advantages to buying a used vehicle compared to a new vehicle. Here are some examples :

The Price

Obviously, this is the number one advantage of used vehicles. Often times we need a second car, or we buy our first car and don't have a huge budget. Other times, we just don't want to spend too much of our budget on another vehicle.

Whatever the reason, buying a used vehicle will always be more affordable than buying a new one.


Yes the price of a used vehicle is lower, but it is above all its value, or its price-performance ratio, that is more attractive. A new vehicle will suffer severe depreciation as soon as it leaves the dealership. A used vehicle does not suffer the same fate. In fact, the buyer of a used car could decide to resell their vehicle for the same price they just paid a few days later (setting aside financing and mileage considerations) without seeing the price really drop.

With a new vehicle, the value drops as soon as there is a purchase. So when we buy a used vehicle, we get a lot more for our money.

More equipment

It comes down to price and value somewhat. When we buy a new vehicle, there is often a good difference between the top-of-the-range version and the base model both in terms of equipment and price. This price difference, however, is smaller in the used vehicle market. It is therefore easier and cheaper to obtain a better equipped model.

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