L'ami Junior, it's worth it! The Ami Junior ambassador program Toutes les marques. Woman from a profile point of view communicating.

Mathieu Dufour becomes the new ambassador of Toutes Les !

In December 2020, Toutes Les announced its partnership with Mathieu Dufour 
A great adventure is starting!

At Toutes les, we were looking for a local ambassador who would join this same identity and philosophy by accomplishing something distinct since we are an authentic and atypical dealership!

"The good mood reigns on our premises and we want to let it show through in all our ways of doing things.
By jumping on board in a year that is out of the ordinary and with the completion of our brand new building, we had every intention of finding an ambassador to reflect our image.
We're proud of our partnership with a local, regional guy who made us laugh with his quality, frank, cheerful and good-natured humour",
said Eric Simard, General Manager.

Mathieu Dufour, also known by the pseudonym Math Duff, was discovered during the lockdown by presenting 50 episodes in 60 days of his popular talk show, Le Show-Rona Virus, presented live from his Instagram account. Since then, you have been able to see him on television on Noovo at La semaine des 4 Julie as well as on TVA at Vlog and hear him on the radio on Rouge FM as a contributor to L'été c'est Fantastique. In 2021, while maintaining his collaborations, he will also be at TVA as part of the Star Académie squad and at the helm of a brand new youth magazine Le pire du pire, launched on Tou.Tv next February. 

"I am really happy to join the team of Toutes les marques as an ambassador. Honestly, it's done super naturally, the team is so fine, and I'm sincerely happy to collaborate with a business in the region. Plus they're getting into my craziness. What could be better than that?"

- Mathieu Dufour