L'Ami Auto Crédit, More than a third chance

The L’Ami junior group innovates by combining financial planning with automobile sales. 

Led by credit analyst Yannick Simard, the new L’Ami Auto Credit service goes beyond the second and third chance.

With over 35% of people living with credit problems, L’Ami junior wanted to side with people with poor credit by setting up L’Ami Auto Credit. To achieve this, credit specialists have been engaged and work separately from the salespeople. For Yannick Smard, this distinction is worth its weight in gold.

“As soon as there is a refusal of the credit, automatically, 
the customer is transferred to our office, 
unlike what is done at other dealerships where it is the sales managers who continue the process. 

They'll try 2nd or 3rd chance financing
and if that doesn't work, 
the customer won't be interesting. 
Me, that's when it gets interesting,” he compares.

“I'm a credit specialist and I'm not here to sell a car. 
I am there to resolve the person's credit issues. 
So I listen to them, 
I ask the right questions and I make requests structured according to personalized criteria, ” 
says Yannick Simard, who works at the Saguenay branch.

"A colleague performs the same duties at Alma,"
said the general manager of Ami auto credit. 

"My favorite phrase is 'NO turn in ON'. I turn the no to yes,”
 illustrates Mr. Simard.

Indeed, the objective of this approach is to simplify the car financing process by taking a personalized and professional approach, so that the customer feels respected, understood and listened to.

"It is not a question of pushing the customer to sell him any car, 
but of reestablishing his credit so that he can buy the car that suits him", 
explains Yannick Simard,
who holds numerous certificates of training in credit and collection management,
in particular for the Echo Group.

“Given my specialization, 
I treat people with all the respect and attention they deserve,” 
emphasizes Yannick Simard, who has, among other things,
held the positions of commercial director,
sales director as well as representative and trainer on credit.

For Auto Credit Friend, for example, a successful sale means that the customer will be able to rebuild their credit while having access to a car, which requires thoughtful and personalized strategic planning. In fact, this service is intended for customers who want to buy a new car as well as a used car. The coaching process involves first identifying the client's financial situation and then preparing an action plan. This plan is then explained and popularized to the customer so that it is understood and respected. Then, as the client makes their monthly payments and sticks to the plan, their credit improves to restore their credit rating. For Yannick Simard, this new financial stability is the added value resulting from this service.

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

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