How to Know if You Can Trust a Used Car Dealer

When buying a used vehicle, many consumers are suspicious of the dealership and the reality is, they are right to be a little apprehensive. The used vehicle market is full of vehicles of uncertain reliability, and often we are forced to trust the retailer when they tell us that the used model we are looking for is in "excellent condition."

Signs that you can trust your used vehicle dealership

That said, there are several things that differentiate a trusted dealer. If you see these items on your next shopping spree for your next used car, you can be sure the dealership you're looking for your next used car isn't trying to get you.

1. The Sales Representative is Caring, Respectful and Listens to You 

Usually, a trusted dealer wants a team of sales representatives who have customer satisfaction at heart. By taking the time to listen to your needs, the representative of a reliable used vehicle retailer will be able to better advise you and offer you used vehicles that respect your budget, which should ultimately be his priority. The goal should not be to sell you just any vehicle without understanding your expectations first.

2. Vehicle History is Easy to Find 

An honest used car dealer knows that some consumers can be apprehensive and will do everything in their power to demonstrate the origin and especially the quality of the vehicles they offer in inventory. It shouldn't be difficult to get an inspection report or a maintenance and accident history for a used vehicle you covet.

3. It’s OK to Have the Vehicle Inspected 

It’s quite normal for you to want to have a used vehicle inspected before you buy it. It is also normal to want to test the car in question before signing the contract. If a dealership discourages you from taking a test drive or inspecting a vehicle, there may be something wrong with it.

4. He is transparent

A trusted dealer will be transparent with his customers. This means that the financing plans are well explained and that the protections and guarantees on the various used vehicles are clear. In other words, there is nothing hidden.

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Posted on Jan 31, 2017