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Servicing your vehicle involves doing a series of routine checks and maintenance operations that will help you keep your car running longer and avoid many hassles in the future. Many drivers overlook these small but important steps: make sure not to be one of them! If you’ve bought a car and want to keep it running as long as possible, servicing it is the number one factor in ensuring that it serves you for the longest possible time., your online and regional dealerships in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area, on the Côte-Nord and in Charlevoix, provides quality vehicle maintenance services for your vehicle. You can also shop for your next vehicle by choosing from among a wide range of reliable pre-owned sedans and SUVs made by a variety of renowned automotive brands at our used car dealerships.


Ever find yourself stuck with a costly repair bill and think, “I should have…”? Be proactive and avoid such regrets later on: regular vehicle maintenance means a series of small costs for your car, that can prevent breakdowns and even road accidents. Needless to say, the cost of repairs is always much higher than the cost of maintenance.

As winter approaches, the focus is on tires. In fact, it is essential to install your winter tires, in compliance with the law, but more importantly for your own personal safety. Winter tires ensure the proper grip on icy and snow-covered roads and offer better resistance to the extreme cold so you don’t skid on the road.

So don’t think about just switching from summer to winter tires—be sure they’re in good condition and that they’re properly inflated. The technicians at your local dealership can replace your tires, check for wear and check for tire pressure at the same time.

As the winter season approaches, you should also take this opportunity to have the mechanical components of your car inspected while getting your tires changed. This includes the suspension, brakes, engine, belts, etc. Even if you don’t detect any noise or unusual handling, stay on the safe side and avoid unpleasant surprises. Winter can be tough on cars!

Oil changes are also something that need to be done on a regular basis, usually every six months, although the frequency of oil changes will vary depending on the model. Ask our technicians for more information, they will be able to advise you on how to do this. Of course, they are fully equipped to change your oil with the right tools.

We also recommend that you check your fluid levels regularly, ideally every 1000 km. Among other things, the coolant must be changed when advised to prevent oxidation and engine corrosion.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Quebec winters are merciless on cars, and rust is likely to appear sooner or later. Treating it early will limit the damage by preventing the rust from spreading. Better yet, you can opt for an anti-rust treatment for prevention rather than repair!

Similar to rust, you might want to keep an eye out for a flashing light or a burnt-out light yourself. If you notice any issues, head to our mechanics who will change the bulb for you. Although spark plugs last a long time, they also need to be checked (they help with fuel economy, for example), as well as the health of your windows.

The specialists at the dealership, are highly trained and equipped using state-of-the-art equipment. They handle all mechanical and cosmetic maintenance, inspections and repairs whenever necessary. Leave your car to the professionals!

Remember that spending a little money on regular maintenance for your vehicle means saving a lot of money on repairs down the road. It also means that your car will be in good shape for a long time to come.


Our dealerships in the Saguenay, Côte-Nord and Charlevoix regions as well as online dealerships offer a large number of car models, currently over 150 vehicles! Moreover, we are revolutionizing the process of buying a car thanks to the Cupido program, an extended trial period, and e-commerce solutions, which allow you to buy a vehicle entirely online.


Posted on Nov 26, 2021

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