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You are no doubt asking yourself what kind of used car to buy in 2022. Ford Canada, the manufacturer well known for its famous Ford F-150, also supplies passenger vehicles and trucks that are powerful, reliable, affordable and, what’s more, pleasant to drive. Where does this dedication to automobile construction comes from? Why is it that the models they release are consistently just as reliable used as new? can tell you about the key points you need to know to get your hands on your next used vehicle. 

Ford is the story of a few visionaries

It is a well-known fact today that we owe Henry Ford the beginning of automobiles intended for the general public. By 1908, Ford’s Model T was on the roads. Ford can be said to have created the automobile industry with his production of the first automobile model easy to build with assembly lines.

Several decades later, in 1975, the Ford F-150 as we know it today was introduced. Its resounding success continues to this day. The Car Guide describes this ongoing success as follows:

“Across all categories, and year after year, the Ford F-150 remains the best-selling vehicle. One of the reasons for this accomplishment is definitely the inexhaustible number of versions, of types of cabins and different engines.”

The Ford F-150 is valued for some characteristics that make driving in demanding conditions easier:

  • A comfortable cabin
  • A high load and towing capacity
  • Different engine choices for all needs in terms of power


The legacy of Henry Ford is still obvious today. All over the planet Ford vehicles continue to bring drivers to their destinations.

At the wheel of your used Ford vehicle, you can keep your mind on the road and count on the reliability of the brand! 

The reliability of Ford remains uncontested. Those vehicles are ready for anything, cities, roads or construction sites. Fords have been part of the Quebec landscape for a long time now.

A used car is an advantageous way to get to drive the vehicle of your choice, and at a good price.

A vehicle is said to be reliable according to several factors:

  • The number of repairs it needs over time
  • The quality of the motor (most engines are now well known)
  • The various positive references as to safety on board
  • Good fuel consumption / fuel economy

A used Ford Ranger can be reliable in terms of towing capacity, while a used Ford Ecosport can be deemed reliable for its fuel economy. You have to define what reliability means to you in terms of your day-to-day use.

Got it. But why should I buy a used Ford vehicle?

As Auto123 likes to emphasize, a used vehicle is often considerably advantageous when it comes to money matters: 


“Obviously, used vehicles sell for less than new ones. It’s the best solution to reduce your monthly instalments or to purchase a higher-end model than what your budget would normally allow.”   [1]


A used car is often a great way to get hold of a vehicle that has already proven its worth in terms of durability. 

Choosing to get a used car ensures you have a much wider range of models of all types to choose from.

A used Ford, though, allows you to save a lot of money, without sacrificing on performance. Plus, you won’t be giving up on the pleasure of driving a Ford! 

Trust a manufacturer that, for more than a hundred years now, has always been meticulous about details and has managed to consistently provide vehicles at a good price for hundreds of millions of people. knows its vehicles! 

The Ford F-150 is Ford’s emblematic model. That being said, it would be a shame not to mention the other models the American car manufacturer has built over the years, models just as appreciated by consumers. We have them all in stock: used Ford Bronco, used Ford Escape, used Ford Mustang. Just ask us!

Your Ford dealership, and all the other major brands in the Charlevoix, Saguenay—Lac Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord regions are ready to provide you with or help you find the vehicle you need.

Are you looking for a used Ford for sale? Come and see us at one of our dealerships. We’ll help you looking for the vehicle you want.

You might have been considering a used Ford Focus, a used Ford Excursion or a used Ford Fusion. Rest assured, we always have reliable vehicles in stock, no matter the model!


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Posted on Sep 14, 2022

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